Cover graphics from The Boy Sherlock Holmes series

The Boy Sherlock Holmes

The six volumes in The Boy Sherlock Holmes series have won or been nominated for dozens of awards and have been translated into dozens of languages. Visit The Boy Sherlock Holmes website for video trailers, background info on each book, and much more.

More than just right, dazzlingly right for teen readers, is a new series by Ontario writer Shane Peacock featuring Sherlock Holmes as a teenager. The vitality of Peacock's creation of Sherlock is so inspired it feels like the writer is possessed, channelling Sherlock's spirit. – Ottawa Citizen
Channelling Sherlock's spirit
In Eye of the Crow, the first intriguing volume in an ambitious new series, Peacock imagines Sherlock Holmes' youth and his entré into crime solving. ... Peacock casts [Sherlock] as a half-Jewish victim of prejudice, whose struggles between head and heart and justice and vengeance make him both fascinating and complex …. – Booklist
Shane Peacock's second novel of the young Sherlock, Death in the Air, is no less exciting or authentic than the first. This time Peacock delves into the exhilarating world of the aerialists. – CM Magazine
In Vanishing Girl, Sherlock’s contradictions make him every bit as intriguing as the mysteries he’s solving … Sherlock’s weaknesses, as well as his strengths, drive the plot. His need for stimulation and his quest for public acclaim motivate him but also warp his judgment ….– Junior Library Guild of America
Quest for acclaim
Peacock steeps The Secret Fiend in the political mood and issues of mid-nineteenth century London. Even the villain, the frightening Spring Heeled Jack, is based on legends of the time. – Junior Library Guild of America
Legendary villain
When The Dragon Turn arrived in the mail, I just got right to the reading … and kept reading until I breathed a sigh of contentment. Bravo, Shane Peacock! What an adventure! – Sal's Fiction Addiction
An adventure
Readers who have been captivated by “The Boy Sherlock Holmes” series will find Becoming Holmes a satisfactory and hang-on-to-your-seat read. It was sad to know this is the final installment. Highly Recommended. – CM Magazine
If I never read a grown-up book again, I have Shane Peacock to blame. Shane is the author of The Boy Sherlock Holmes series. It’s genius. Not only is it gripping and thoughtful, the concept of exploring what the perennially popular Sherlock Holmes was like as a child seems so natural that it’s amazing no one has done it before. – Hannah Sung, CBC Radio