Shane Peacock


The Boy Sherlock Holmes

The six volumes in The Boy Sherlock Holmes series have won or been nominated for dozens of awards and have been translated into dozens of languages.

Becoming Holmes

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Becoming Holmes. Sherlock looks back over his shoulder as he stands on a wall, with a graveyard in front of him

Sherlock Holmes, now nearly seventeen years old, is feeling despondent. Both his father and his mentor have passed, Irene Doyle has moved to America, and even his once-admirer Beatrice has found another suitor. But Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, has information to rouse him. Malefactor, Sherlock’s nemesis, has a plot to infiltrate the British Government and gain complete control. Spurred on by his need for justice, Sherlock is determined to defeat Malefactor and his criminal crew once…


The Dragon Turn

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: The Dragon Turn. A fork-tongued green dragon with red eyes and black wings towers over a woman in a cage. Another woman screams from the audience with Sherlock standing next to her.

Sherlock Holmes and Irene Doyle are celebrating her sixteenth birthday at the Egyptian Hall. Alastair Hemsworth produces a dragon onstage, an illusion that makes him the talk of London. Hemsworth even overshadows his rival, The Wizard of Nottingham. After the show, Sherlock and Irene head backstage to meet Hemsworth. Instead, they find Inspector Lestrade and his son arresting the illusionist. The Wizard is missing, and pools of his blood, along with his spectacles, were discovered…


The Secret Fiend

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: The Secret Fiend. Two young girls cower in terror as Spring Heeled Jack flies over them with metal claws and blue flames in his mouth

In 1868, Benjamin Disraeli becomes Prime Minister, and Sherlock Holmes gets a late-night knock on his door. It’s Beatrice, Sherlock’s poor but beautiful admirer. Beatrice is terrified because she and her friends were attacked by Spring-Heeled Jack, who kidnapped one of her friends. Initially, Sherlock is suspicious. He thinks Beatrice just wants his attention, and that Spring-Heeled Jack is a fictional character. But the number of attacks grows, and Sherlock is drawn deeper and deeper…


Vanishing Girl

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Vanishing Girl. Sherlock looks up a hill towards a large, evil looking mansion

Sherlock Holmes finds himself on the case yet again when a wealthy young girl goes missing in Hyde Park. Sherlock must race against time to save an innocent boy and solve the mystery of the vanishing girl. Can Sherlock’s powers of deduction help him solve the case in time? Or will his eagerness to repair his fragile relationship with the lovely Irene Doyle impede his work?

Death In The Air

Cover art of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Death In The Air. Sherlock's back faces the viewer as he reaches up towards the plummeting trapeze artist

Following the harrowing events of the brutal East End murder, Sherlock Holmes decides to dedicate his life to solving crime. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have to wait long for another case to fall into his lap. While visiting his father at the spectacular Crystal Palace, Sherlock takes in a trapeze act. But when the star falls to the floor, landing almost at Sherlock’s feet, the crowd becomes frenzied. So Sherlock is the only one of the…


Eye Of The Crow

The cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Eye of the Crow. It shows a red-eyed crow looking from a roof down towards a foggy cobblestone street.

Thirteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes is a misfit. The child of a wealthy white mother and poor Jewish father, who are disowned by their families when they elope and marry, Sherlock, though intellectually gifted, grows up impoverished, a target for racist attacks and bullying, and yearns for respect, and justice for everyone regardless of race, color or creed. He uses his sharp wit and observational skills to survive, and in the summer of 1867, circumstances lead him…