Becoming Holmes

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: Becoming Holmes. Sherlock looks back over his shoulder as he stands on a wall, with a graveyard in front of him

Sherlock Holmes, now nearly seventeen years old, is feeling despondent. Both his father and his mentor have passed, Irene Doyle has moved to America, and even his once-admirer Beatrice has found another suitor.

But Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, has information to rouse him. Malefactor, Sherlock’s nemesis, has a plot to infiltrate the British Government and gain complete control. Spurred on by his need for justice, Sherlock is determined to defeat Malefactor and his criminal crew once and for all.

In this final instalment of The Boy Sherlock Holmes series, we see the twists and turns, triumphs and tragedies that transform the young boy into the renowned detective the world knows.