Unusual Heroes

Unusual Heroes cover

With Unusual Heroes, bestselling children’s author and storyteller Shane Peacock offers an informative and entertaining collection of short biographies of Canada’s most important and influential public figures.

In an accessible, entertaining and humorous style, Peacock describes our leaders’ youthful foibles, their experiences as politicians, and the legacies they leave behind. The result is a series of portraits that is much livelier than standard schoolbook fare.

Peacock begins with the story of how Confederation came about, gives detailed and concise histories of some of the most important founding fathers, and then goes on to tell the history of the country through the stories of our subsequent leaders.

Shane Peacock knows how to write for kids. His popular Dylan Maples mysteries keep readers enthralled from the very first page—and with Unusual Heroes he’s performed the same magic. Kids will never look at Canadian history the same way again.