Shane Peacock



The Passion Of Joseph Scriven

Great North Productions, for History Television, first aired July 2001. Writer. A documentary about Joseph Scriven, who wrote the famous hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and told no one; whose strange, dark life seemed either blessed, or cursed, depending on one’s perspective.

Dangerous Dreams: The Life of The Great Farini

Great North Productions, for History Television, first aired January 19, 2000. Writer. The amazing story of William Hunt, highlighted by a live high-wire act above the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, Ontario by the legendary Jay Cochrane, as well as visits to Niagara Falls, the Kalahari Desert, and peeks inside freak shows and dangerous performances of Victorian London. Photo of Jay Cochrane, Tightrope Walker, crossing the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, Ontario, 2000. Kevin Kelly Photography.

Exhibit Eh!: Exposing Canada

photo from TV Production Exhibit Eh!

Two eccentric individuals set out across Canada with nothing but their backpacks, a stuffed beaver, and a journal, intent on proving that Canada and its history are not what they appear to be. Canadians are not polite people with boring pasts, but strange folks who purposely hide the many bizarre stories in their history. These two private dicks of culture encounter such things as the preserved skeleton of a man who outran horses, a weird…


Team Spirit: The Jordin and Terence Tootoo Story

Team Spirit promotional art

Big Red Barn Entertainment, for the CTV National Network, first aired May 9, 2004. Co-producer and writer “Team Spirit” is the heartbreaking yet triumphant story of two Inuit brothers who set out to become the first of their people to play in the National Hockey League. One meets a tragic end, while the other reaches his goal, bearing his brother’s memory in his heart.