Shane Peacock


Dylan Maples Adventures

The return of The Dylan Maples Adventures, updated and with new covers.

Monster in the Mountains

Dylan Maples is on vacation in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Spending his days swimming, hiking, and relaxing, this feels like a dream for Dylan. While visiting the resort town of Harrison Hot Springs, Dylan meets the family’s black sheep: his great uncle, and former high-wire walker, Walter Middy. Dylan and his rebellious new friend Alice Carr learn about Uncle Walter’s dark past, then suspect he has seen a sasquatch, the monster of…


The Secret of the Silver Mines

Dylan Maples is on the move again when his parents bring him to Cobalt Ontario in the middle of a bitter winter. The town was once a rich mining area, but now has nothing but a storied past and the long-abandoned mines. A rich man from Toronto hires Dylan’s dad to help solve a ninety-year-old mystery. The rich man’s grandfather was robbed of a fortune of silver, and the only person who may have answers…


The Mystery Of Ireland’s Eye

Dylan Maples is twelve years old and is about to go ocean kayaking with his parents for the first time. He’s spent a year convincing them that he’s ready for the dangerous challenge. But he’s been determined to go ever since hearing about the remote location of Ireland’s Eye, off the coast of Newfoundland. Ireland’s Eye was once the most easterly settlement in North America. Now, it’s just a ghost village. So what is it…


Bone Beds Of The Badlands

Dylan Maples and his two best friends won first prize in the National Science Fair with their mechanical dinosaur. They think that having to travel with their science teacher and his wife is the worst thing that could happen on the trip. But when they get to their destination, the badlands of Alberta, they find it’s also the hunting grounds for a bizarre, recently escaped killer. So when Dylan and his friends get separated from…


Phantom Of Fire

Things aren’t going so well for fifteen-year-old Dylan Maples. He’s sick of his own reflection, his parental units are driving him nuts, and, worst of all, he’s trying to come to terms with the unexpected death of one of his best friends. Now, to top things off, he’s been roped into a family trip to stay with family friends in New Brunswick. After just a few hours in Bathurst, Dylan worries this will turn out…