Shane Peacock



When David McLean, beloved grandfather and avid adventurer, dies at the age of ninety-two, he leaves behind a very unusual will that outlines the seven tasks he has set for his seven grandsons. Shane Peacock and six other well-known authors bring their signature styles to a series of adventures that take readers from the top of Kilimanjaro to the bottom of the Mediterranean. For full details on Shane’s contributions to this series, visit the Seven website.

Double You


GRANDSON: Adam (age 17) — the American grandson DESTINATION: Bermuda REASON FOR TRAVEL: A loaded Walther PPK pistol and evidence of treason prompt Adam’s quest to prove his grandfather’s innocence. Adam takes the famous gun and follows the clues to several exotic locations, where he encounters an unusual girl named Angel Dahl, and ends up on the run from a deadly operative. Double You is the sequel to both Separated, part of The Seven Prequels and Last Message, part of Seven—The…




When Adam’s grandfather first suggests taking him on a quick trip to Sweden to celebrate his upcoming thirteenth birthday, visions of being in one of the coolest places on earth—and he’s not thinking of the temperature—dance in Adam’s mind. But on his way there he reads that Swedes have a darker past, and present, than he ever imagined. Then he finds himself alone and separated from his grandfather in busy Stockholm. He is followed by…


Last Message


Adam has a good life in Buffalo: great parents, a cute girlfriend, adequate grades. He’s not the best at anything, but he’s not the worst either. He secretly lusts after Vanessa, the hottest girl in school, and when his dead grandfather’s will stipulates that he go on a mission to France, Adam figures he might just have a chance to impress Vanessa and change his life from good to great. When he gets to France,…