The Dragon Turn

Cover of The Boy Sherlock Holmes: The Dragon Turn. A fork-tongued green dragon with red eyes and black wings towers over a woman in a cage. Another woman screams from the audience with Sherlock standing next to her.

Sherlock Holmes and Irene Doyle are celebrating her sixteenth birthday at the Egyptian Hall. Alastair Hemsworth produces a dragon onstage, an illusion that makes him the talk of London. Hemsworth even overshadows his rival, The Wizard of Nottingham.

After the show, Sherlock and Irene head backstage to meet Hemsworth. Instead, they find Inspector Lestrade and his son arresting the illusionist. The Wizard is missing, and pools of his blood, along with his spectacles, were discovered in Hemsworth’s secret workshop. Though there isn’t a body, there’s certainly motive, as The Wizard of Nottingham had recently stolen away Hemsworth’s wife.

The Lestrades are convinced of Hemsworth’s guilt, but Sherlock is not. The deeper Sherlock digs, the more clues he finds that don’t match up with the closed case. Engrossed in a world of illusions, Sherlock begins to question his own belief in magic.